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AACR Workshop on Integrative Molecular Epidemiology: Bridging Cancer Biology and Precision Medicine

The AACR Workshop on Integrative Molecular Epidemiology: Bridging Cancer Biology and Precision Medicine is a five-day workshop designed by the Course Directors and top faculty to accelerate the training of the next generation of cancer researchers in the integration of biology and epidemiology. The AACR is pleased to offer it again this year and are reaching out to you the Lead of MADCaP. 

If you know of members of this or other consortia you work with who would benefit from this workshop, we would like to extend a special invitation for them to apply by April 13 and ask that you please forward this invitation.

This year’s workshop will take place July 27-31, 2020 at the Westin Copley Place Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts. The workshop is primarily targeted toward molecular epidemiologists, but the materials are appropriate for geneticists, statisticians, bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, physician scientists, and others who have completed basic course work in epidemiology, and we encourage all to apply. We have assembled an expert team of faculty to teach this workshop in a collaborative and interactive format. Lectures and laboratories will address issues such as feasibility, scalability, quality control, study design, and practical limitations. Laboratories will build upon the information provided in the lectures with problem-solving sessions and hands-on interactive applications of statistical and bioinformatics methods. Participants will work collaboratively in small groups throughout the duration of the workshop. For an example of the program and topics covered during the workshop, please see the sample program from the 2019 workshop.

Comments from researchers who have attended the workshop include: 

"I thought this course was very helpful towards preparing me for an independent position by discussing study design, sample collection, biomarkers and their issues. I also see myself integrating some of the information and techniques into a future grant."  

"This workshop has been the best professional development exercise that I have participated in as not only did I get to hear first-hand about current techniques and research from experts in the field, but I also feel connected to the other participants and hope to see us all contribute to future advances."

"This was an amazing workshop where I learned so much about tools and resources I never used before. I am very thankful to the faculty for dedicating their time and effort. I would recommend this course to any student interested in molecular/genetic epidemiology” 

We look forward to receiving applications from members of your consortium. Applications are due before Monday, April 13, 2020.

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