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A Joint Training Course on Project Management for Cancer Research in Nigeria

GRANT: A Joint Training Course on Project Management for Cancer Research in Nigeria. (PRO Cancer Researcher course) Funded by CRDF Global

Partnering Institutions:

  1. Institute of Human Virology Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria.

  2. Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston/Harvard University School of Public Health, Boston, USA

  3. The University College Hospital, (UCH) Ibadan, Nigeria.

Corresponding Partnering Institutions Point of Contact

  1. Jedy-Agba, Elima Enaji

  2. Caroline Andrews

  3. Emeka Odiaka

Funding Amount: $39,240



  1. To strengthen skills in project management by introducing participants to the tools and techniques of proper project management.

  2. To ensure participants are able to develop performance indicators to evaluate research progress.

  3. To enable participants learn how to assess critical success factors and risks in a cancer research project.

  4. To ensure the participants are able to properly collect and manage research data using RedCap software.


  1. Develop a document on Participant Selection Criteria

  2. Develop Pre and Post workshop Evaluation documents

  3. Develop a Sustainability plan: Mentor-Mentee selection programme or Periodic Reporting template.


  1. Develop course on Fundamentals of Project Management; with focus on PLANNING, PROJECT LIFE CYCLE (Initiation, Implementation, Closure).

  2. Develop course content on Project Scheduling, Monitoring and Quality Control-----Capturing Performance indicators and Milestones

  3. Develop course on Project and Process Evaluation and Strengthening

  4. Develop course on Budgeting and Budget Implementation

  5. Develop course on Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

  6. Develop course on Data collection and Management (REDCap)

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