2020 NCI’s Cancer Research Training Travel Awards for LMIC Investigators

2020 NCI’s Cancer Research Training Travel Awards for LMIC Investigators

Deadline: October 19, 2019 (23:59) U.S. Eastern Standard Time (EST)

We have an exciting opportunity to share with you!

CRDF Global is accepting Proposals from institutions/organizations for the 2020 Cancer Research Training Travel Awards for Low- and middle-income Country (LMIC) Investigators. The purpose of these awards are to to facilitate and increase participation in cancer research training opportunities for LMIC investigators/trainees who seek to conduct high-quality and context–appropriate research in their home institutions. Funding for this initiative is provided by CRDF Global, utilizing funds provided by NCI’s Center for Global Health.

Grants will be awarded to institutions that facilitate the participation of Low- and Middle-Income Country (LMICs) investigators in cancer research training opportunities. Organizers of scientific meetings (conferences, workshops and/or courses) that offer research skill-development opportunities with a high potential to improve biomedical, behavioral or clinical cancer research skills are encouraged to apply.

Awards will be made to institutes/organizations willing and able to solicit, select and facilitate the travel of investigators from LMICs to participate in a proposed training opportunity. Funding is strictly intended for travel awards and should be applied only toward travel costs as allowed by USG grant regulations. The award is not intended to provide funding support towards the actual training opportunity or research activity..

Please submit applications by Saturday, October 19, 2019. All proposals must be submitted through the Electronic Proposal Submission (EPS) website:  https://eps.crdfglobal.org/CRTTA2020/StartPage.aspx

Should you have any questions, please submit them via email to spozuelos@crdfglobal.org.

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