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Invitation to apply to attend a four-day joint training course on project management for cancer research in Nigeria

MADCaP was recently awarded a cancer research training travel award through CRDF Global, utilizing funds provided by NCI’s Center for Global Health.  This grant proposal was prepared by Elima Jedy-Agba (Institute of Human Virology, Abuja, Nigeria) in collaboration with Caroline Andrews & Tim Rebbeck (DFCI, Boston, USA) and Emeka Odiaka (UCH, Ibadan, Nigeria) and will enable up to 20 MADCaP network participants to attend a training course on Project Management for Cancer Research in Nigeria.  The workshop will take place from March 9-12th 2020.  Please review the information in the attached, linked application, and forward to your colleagues who may benefit from participating in this exciting opportunity.CRTTA Project Manager Course Application Package