NIH (U01-CA184374) to undertake a multicenter genetic study of prostate cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Gene Discovery-Assess genomic susceptibility to CaP in African descent populations.  This will be accomplished by validating reported CaP susceptibility loci in African descent populations and undertaking large-scale gene discovery efforts in Africans.

  • Evolutionary and Population Genomics-Use population methods to understand the large population genetic and CaP risk differences between populations of African and European descent, and to better understand why genome-wide association study loci identified in Caucasian and Asian populations are not usually replicated in African descent populations and to gain a better understanding of the genomic architecture of CaP in African descent populations.

  • Tumor Pathology and Biomarkers-Study prostate tumor material to understand the somatic architecture of CaP in African descent populations and evaluate/explain differences in outcome by ethnicity and geography.  These biomarkers and clinical data will be used to develop predictor nonograms.  

  • CaP Progression/Metastasis Risk Evaluation-Examine the association between demographic and lifestyle factors (eg. Obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity) and subsequent risks of CaP progression/metastasis, CaP-specific mortality, and overall mortality in the entire cohort of CaP patients.

  • Influence of Diet on CaP Incidence-Evaluate existing dietary data, identifying the main dietary patterns among African men and examine the association between these patterns and prostate cancer risk.



Please use the link above to download the following Protocols and Forms for the U01 study:

  • U01-CA184374 Study Overview

  • Overview of Protocols and Forms

  • Form 1. Case eligibility

  • Form 2. Control eligibility

  • Form 3. Cognitive assessment

  • Form 4. Consent

  • Form 5. Cover sheet

  • Form 6. Other Patient Encounters

  • Form 7. Questionnaire Cases and Controls (Country specific)

  • Form 8. Body Mass Index

  • Form 9. Medical record abstraction cases

  • Form 10. Medical record abstraction controls

  • Form 11. Biospecimen Collection Form

  • Form 12. DNA Metrics

  • Form 13. Enrollment Checklist Form

  • Form 14.  Sample Submission, Layout and Pedigree

  • Form-Supplementary Diet & Nutrition

  • Protocol 1. Study Coordination

  • Protocol 2. Case inclusion exclusion criteria

  • Protocol 3. Control inclusion exclusion criteria

  • Protocol 4. Control frequency matching to controls

  • Protocol 5. Participant identifier assignment

  • Protocol 6. Blood sampling

  • Protocol 7. Saliva sampling

  • Protocol 8. Buccal swab sampling

  • Protocol 9a. Qiagen QIAamp DNA

  • Protocol 9b. Zymo Quick-gDNA Blood MidiPrep

  • Protocol 10 Genomic DNA Cleanup

  • Protocol 11. DNA stable plate


Please contact the Sr. Project Manager, Caroline Andrews ( with any questions or need additional assistance. 

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