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The Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) originated from an initiative by the South African Department of Science & Technology (DST) and is funded by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). It aims to support the development of an internationally competitive bio-economy as envisioned in the DST’s strategic plans.

The organization was created in 2006 with a view to establishing a modern, world-class ‘omics’ facility that meets the needs of the scientific community in academia and industry in South Africa. We provide state-of-the-art services, technical expertise, and collaborative research capabilities in Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics.

CPGR believe that to make significant advancement in the life sciences on the African continent requires the effective interplay of three activities:

  • Access to world-class infrastructure

  • Provision of affordable, high-quality services

  • Empowerment through training – particularly in the field of data-analysis and interpretation

Research Team at CPGR:


Dr. Lindsay Peterson

Genomics Manager


Jo McBride

Affymetrix Platform Manager

Service enquiries –

Through CPGR, scientists will have convenient access to high-end discovery and targeted molecular technologies, thereby facilitating hypothesis-generating and -validating work under one operational umbrella. The CPGR hosts a suit of Genomics and Proteomics platforms that allow the design and execution of projects using single or a combination of ‘omics’ methodologies to generate targeted and systems biological insights. Embedded in an ISO 9001:2008 certified environment experimental outputs will be geared for further conversion into biomarker assays or routine applications, thus enhancing Translational Research endeavours.

Centre for Proteomic & Genomic Research (CPGR), Cape Town, S. Africa
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