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For Investigators interested in accessing MADCaP data:

Please download the Data Concept Proposal here:


You will need to provide information in the proposal about the analyses, paper, or project you wish to undertake.  The MADCaP data dictionaries provide detailed information on the coded data available. Please also review the authorship guidelines. They provide guidance appropriate designation of authorships for manuscripts and other publications to include those that have contributed to the MADCaP data you are requesting. If you have any questions on the process, or regarding the data available, please contact the MADCaP Director, Timothy R. Rebbeck, email: or Project Manager, Caroline Andrews, email:


Your proposal request will be reviewed by the Data Access Approvals Committee (DACC). The DAAC is responsible for reviewing applications received from individuals interested in using MADCaP data for undertaking analyses, paper, grant or project proposals.  All proposals will be collated and distributed to the DAAC by DFCI MADCaP staff to review, identify overlaps, and suggest potential merges. Proposals will be submitted on a monthly, or less frequent basis, depending on submission frequency.  Each committee member will be given three weeks to opt their Institution out of any particular proposal, although the general expectation is that most studies will participate in most analysis. Those requesting data will be required to list the datasets requested, how the data will be used, and how the original contributors will be credited. The DAAC will utilize the DAAC review checklist to determine if there are any overlaps with other proposals/existing work, if the authorship guidelines have been followed, there is sufficient power to complete the work, or if other clarifications may be needed. The individual submitting their proposal will be provided with feedback and an opportunity to resubmit their proposal based on the information requested.  If the application for data is approved by the DAAC, data will be released to the requestor under an agreement which secures the terms of use.

Once completed you may email your proposal to

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